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Holy Trinity Tower
This website is about the more ‘interesting’ aspects of the town, from her ancient history, natural history and social history, with some “wow, I didn’t know that” facts, that the current inhabitants may not realise were even there or existed. Along the way I’ll uncover those interesting little facts that perhaps history has forgotten and those small details that other historians have omitted.

Finally there are the people who helped shape this great town we live in and enjoy today. Researching the town’s past parishioners through the information written on the grave stones, located in various cemeteries to discover the stories that history has forgotten. Come and experience a journey of discovery into all that is interesting in Colchester!


MFV 1544 in Colchester 2018


Featured Article

Motor Fishing Vessel 1544- Motor Fishing Vessel 1544 Walking alongside the Rive Colne at the Hythe on a glorious summer day is an enjoyable experience, especially at high tide. This wide river estuary which narrows at the Hythe; no longer contains the traffic it once did, as the industries she served have long since…



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Article of the Month


Centuries of Change front cover


Book review: Centuries of Change- Book review: Centuries of Change Everybody is familiar with Colchester’s Arts Centre, which occupies the old redundant church near the Mercury Theatre. Most of our younger residents have grown up knowing this building only as an arts centre, with the more senior of us remembering the building as the church…


Media & News


Newspaper Articles- Recent Newspaper Articles Some of the articles which have featured in the Colchester Gazette over the past few months. Read about some graffiti on a Colchester pub which leads back to the Red Barn Murder in Polstead. Read all about Humtp Dumpty. Is the story fact or fiction? Read about…


Gazette 23rd July 2018



Local History

First Christ Church built in 1904 Birth of a church- The story of Christ Church in Ireton Road The church known as Christ Church in Ireton Road was first established back in 1904. The church was built by the parish of St. Mary’s at the Walls, due to the need to provide additional places at the Sunday service. Colchester was…
Musket ball impact marks at the Siege House The Scars of Battle- The Scars of Battle The siege of Colchester in 1648 changed this town in so many ways, especially when it came to the damage and destruction inflicted upon the town’s buildings, including some the town’s churches. Every parish was effected by the siege in some way with St. Botolphs fairing…


Grave of Henry Robern MacLellan Grave of Henry Robert Maclellan- The Grave of Henry Robert Maclellan St. Peter’s Church on North Hill has been a burial site for the people of Colchester, since the church was first established on this site over eleven hundred years ago. One interesting series of burials concerned a touring production of theatre performers (also referred…
Grave of Caroline Maria Applebee Grave of Caroline Maria Applebee- Grave of Caroline Maria Applebee In the cemetery at St. Mary’s at the Walls, there is the grave to a very talented artist. Her name was Caroline Maria Applebee and she was born in London in 1786, the daughter of John Benjamin Applebee, a rector, and Grace Lukyn. She spent…
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Interesting Objects

MFV 1544 in Colchester 2018 Motor Fishing Vessel 1544- Motor Fishing Vessel 1544 Walking alongside the Rive Colne at the Hythe on a glorious summer day is an enjoyable experience, especially at high tide. This wide river estuary which narrows at the Hythe; no longer contains the traffic it once did, as the industries she served have long since…
Ten tubular bells at All Saints Church in Brightlingsea Brightlingsea’s tubular bells- The bells of All Saints Church in Brightlingsea All Saints Church in Brightlingsea, stands in a prominent position just outside the town by the side of the main road. The church has an impressive tower, which has dominated the surrounding countryside since its completion around 1550. However, this church has…

Wall Plaques

Siege plaque Siege plaque at St. Martins Church- Siege of 1648 commemorated with plaque at St. Martins Church This is a commemorative plaque inside St. Martin’s Church in West Stockwell Street, which marks the destruction of the church tower during the siege of Colchester in 1648. This plaque is made of encaustic tiles and was designed by Rev…
Colvin_James_VC_plaque James earns V.C in India- Colchester man earns his V.C serving in India This wall plaque located at 6 Berechurch Road is where Colchester’s second Victoria Cross holder lived from 1921 to 1945. His name was James Morris Colquhoun Colvin (1870 – 1945) and this is the story of how James earned his V.C. In…
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Natural History

Blue tit Blue Tits- Blue Tits The Blue Tit is one of the most recognisable garden birds in the country; with their yellow breast, blue wings, blue cap and a green back with a black and white face. Belonging to the family Paridae, their Latin name is Cyanistes Caeruleus and are one of the…
Common Adder Common Adder- Common Adder Yes, there are snakes in Colchester and the Adder is the only venomous snake native to this country, as opposed to the Smooth Snake and the Grass Snake, which are both harmless. This one was photographed at the Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve, whilst others have been seen on…

From the Zoo…

Great Hornbill Rufous Hornbills- Rufous Hornbills There are many exotic birds at Colchester Zoo, helping to draw visitors each day to one of our town’s most popular tourist attractions. The Rufous Hornbill has to be one of the most unusual and instantly recognisable of any of its bird, with its large red bill and…
Fennec Fox Fennec Fox- Fennec Fox We all like to see cute fury animals looking cute and innocent, and Colchester Zoo has several, probably the most popular being the Meerkats. However, there is another which spends their time curled up in their enclosure drawing in the crowds. These are the Fennec Foxes, of which…

People & Places

Commemorative tile inside All Saints Church Small plaque tells Titanic story- Titanic memorial at All Saints Around the interior walls at All Saints Church in Brightlingsea, is a frieze of wall tiles, commemorating the numerous mariners from the town who have lost their lives at sea, along with the name of their vessels that they were aboard. These tiles were instituted…
1929 St. Peters window Hidden story in stained glass- Hidden story in stained glass Church memorials take many forms, from inscriptions written on tomb stones, plaques on their walls and some written into stained-glass windows. Quite often these memorials are simply that, a reminder of a life now departed, their memory recorded for all to read, often surviving for many…

Views & Gardens

Flower tank WW1 Flower Tank- Replica tank made from flowers This ‘flower tank’ was a new attraction for 2014 in Castle Park and was mounted on sandbags and surrounded by red flowers and wooden crosses. This tank was erected in the same location, where back in 1920 a mark IV tank from the first world…

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