First Christ Church built in 1904

Birth of a church

The story of Christ Church in Ireton Road The church known as Christ Church in Ireton Road was first established back in 1904. The church was built by the parish of St. Mary’s at the Walls, due to the need to provide additional places at the Sunday service. Colchester was experiencing an expansion in house […]

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Head of Simon Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury 1375 to 1381

A tale of two priests

The story of two priests The year 1381 will always be remembered for the uprising known as the Peasants Revolt, in which the peasants rose up against a series of Poll Taxes, which had been introduced. These taxes pitted the will of the king against the people, lighting the fire of rebellion. Two of the […]

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Great Hornbill

Rufous Hornbills

Rufous Hornbills There are many exotic birds at Colchester Zoo, helping to draw visitors each day to one of our town’s most popular tourist attractions. The Rufous Hornbill has to be one of the most unusual and instantly recognisable of any of its bird, with its large red bill and casque above it, a throwback […]

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Grave of Henry Robern MacLellan

Grave of Henry Robert Maclellan

The Grave of Henry Robert Maclellan St. Peter’s Church on North Hill has been a burial site for the people of Colchester, since the church was first established on this site over eleven hundred years ago. One interesting series of burials concerned a touring production of theatre performers (also referred to as comedians or comedy […]

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New bridge on Balkerne Hill

Urban modernisation of Balkerne Hill

Urban modernisation of Balkerne Hill Town’s evolve and develop over time. Populations increase creating the need for more housing, commercial premises, roads and amenities resulting in urban development and town expansions. In recent years, these redeveloped areas are mostly former industrial areas where an industry had relocated or declined leaving a concrete eyesore in the […]

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C47b Dakota (KP208), the Gate Guardian at Merville Barracks in Colchester and the last Dakota in service with the RAF.

Aviation history in Colchester

Aviation history in Colchester Colchester is home to many historic treasures and buildings to which this town should be proud to own and care for. These include the country’s largest Victorian water tower, Largest Norman castle keep and a Roman Circus, one of the most significant finds of them all. With all that Colchester has […]

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Colchester Gazette 3rd July 2017

Newspaper Articles

Recent Newspaper Articles Some of the articles which have featured in the Colchester Gazette over the past few months. Read about some graffiti on a Colchester pub which leads back to the Red Barn Murder in Polstead. Read all about Humtp Dumpty. Is the story fact or fiction? Read about how the the elephant has […]

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Entrance porch at St. Leonards Hythe

Colchester Ghosts

Colchester’s ghosts – fact or fiction Are there ghosts in Colchester? Do these ghost stories have any historical value, or are they simply stories? Every town throughout the country has their ghost stories with many borrowed from other towns and retold to suit their new location. Many of these stories were reinvented in Victorian times […]

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