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There are various features and objects that we all pass in the streets every day and we think nothing more about them, simply because they are there and always have been. In this section I’ll highlight many of these items and tell you a little more of their history, so the next time you walk past that certain door or statue, you will know what the history is.

C47b Dakota (KP208), the Gate Guardian at Merville Barracks in Colchester and the last Dakota in service with the RAF.

Aviation history in Colchester

Aviation history in Colchester Colchester is home to many historic treasures and buildings to which this town should be proud to own and care for. These include the country’s largest Victorian water tower, Largest Norman castle keep and a Roman Circus, one of the most significant finds of them all. With all that Colchester has […]

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Bell chamber at Little Horksley Church

Colchester’s ancient bells

Colchester’s ancient bells Today, the former All Saints Church has a new lease of life as this town’s Natural History Museum, with the interior quite unrecognisable from her days as a place of worship. Back in the 1950’s the Bishop of Colchester, Dudley Narborough, was responsible for closing many churches in the town including All […]

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Town Hall Organ

Moot Hall organ

Moot Hall Organ Many of us would have been to the Moot Hall, inside Colchester’s Town Hall and heard the magnificent organ being played. The organ is an outstanding example of work on the grand scale by Norman & Beard of Norwich during the firm’s heyday of organ building, combining impeccable workmanship with the highest […]

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Lexden Village sign

Lexden Village Sign

Lexden Village sculpture is a three Dimensional masterpiece. Most people have driven round the roundabout at the top of Lexden Road and Cymbeline Way and probably like myself have driven past one of Colchester’s many sculptures which is located, there without probably realising it. There stands the Lexden Village Sign which was unveiled back in […]

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Norman Weathervane

Norman Soldier Weathervane

Norman soldier at Colchester Castle We’ve all walked past the castle and many of us have noticed a tree on the main turret above the entrance. I’ll talk about that in a future article. At the top of that turret, is a weather vane, which some would have noticed but may be unsure as to […]

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Boudica statue

Boudica Statue

Giant aluminium statue of Boudica We’ve all passed this giant aluminium statue to Queen Boudica on the roundabout by the railway station, but did you know that this statue is 5.2 meters (17ft) tall and depicts Boudica in her battle armour. Did you know that it was designed by Jonathan Clarke back in 1999? Jonathan […]

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