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Head of Simon Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury 1375 to 1381

A tale of two priests

The story of two priests The year 1381 will always be remembered for the uprising known as the Peasants Revolt, in which the peasants rose up against a series of Poll Taxes, which had been introduced. These taxes pitted the will of the king against the people, lighting the fire of rebellion. Two of the […]

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New bridge on Balkerne Hill

Urban modernisation of Balkerne Hill

Urban modernisation of Balkerne Hill Town’s evolve and develop over time. Populations increase creating the need for more housing, commercial premises, roads and amenities resulting in urban development and town expansions. In recent years, these redeveloped areas are mostly former industrial areas where an industry had relocated or declined leaving a concrete eyesore in the […]

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Sir Isaacs Walk sign

Sir Isaac’s Walk

Sir Isaac’s Walk, a popular place to promenade in 18th Century Colchester We have all walked down this street, just as the people of Colchester have been doing for over three hundred years. Why is the street known as Sir Isaac’s Walk so-called and who was sir Isaac? Interesting questions, well let’s look at the […]

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Budd VC gym sign

V.C for Colchester’s bravest man

Colchester’s bravest man awarded posthumous V.C The third man with associations to Colchester to receive the V.C was Cpl Bryan James Budd (1977 – 2006) and was he was originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Colchester Garrison have named their gymnasium in honour of this brave soldier as a fitting tribute to a very brave […]

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The Victoria Cross

Colchester and the Victoria Cross

Three men associated with Colchester have received the Victoria Cross. There are many towns in England with associations to the Victoria Cross (V.C) from their soldiers past and present and Colchester is no exception, especially with Colchester being a garrison town. The V.C is the highest military decoration awarded for valour “in the face of […]

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Peter Wright Statue

Peter Wright Footballer Statue

Peter Wright Statue This 6ft bronze statue is located in the centre of Turnstile Square, a new housing development built on the former stadium location of Colchester United Football Club. This statue immortalises Peter Wright, Colchester United’s most famous football player depicting him about to kick the ball and score a goal! Peter Wright (1934 […]

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