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Alice by the gravesColchester’s church historian welcomes you to this website.

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Alice Goss, Colchester’s church historian and grave detective, in England’s oldest recorded town. The town is so rich in amazing history, that there is far more to discover than the history books tell us about the Romans, Queen Boudica and the Civil War.

I have a passion for local history, researching and investigating the clues to discover the stories behind the stories, uncovering those interesting little facts that perhaps history has forgotten or perhaps that other historians have omitted. The more I research, the more fascinating facts I uncover about the people and places within this town that I never knew existed.

My speciality is to research graves, and as the town’s ‘grave detective’ there is nothing more I enjoy than researching the forgotten stories on the town’s history through the people who used to live and work here. These people developed and shaped the town over the years gone by, helping to make this town what it is today and many led interesting lives.

This website is mainly about these people along with some of the more ‘interesting’ aspects of the town, from her ancient history, natural history and social history, with some “wow, I didn’t know that” facts, that the current inhabitants of the town may not realise were even there or existed.

I’m often asked what is involved in researching graves and how long the process takes. Some graves can be fairly straightforward to research but others can take several weeks or months depending upon the story that unfolds. Usually reseach involves looking at parish registeres, historical papers in the local archives, contacting museums for reference, genealogy research and reading local papers. At each stage along the way finding out a little more to create a written picture of the person and event that they were involved with.

I want everyone to enjoy this site, so please show your appreciation and leave your comments against the articles, get involved, and gain more of an understanding for the town and her interesting past.

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Thank you

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