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Cool links to other Colchester websites

There is so much more to this great town of Colchester than the local shops and resturants, which are in available. There are also several arts and theatre venues for your entertainment and several local tourist attractions, many of which are free to visitors. The two main attractions are the castle museum, located in the town centre and the Zoo, which is two miles outside to the south.

Here are a few links to other useful sites:

Film: Historic Colchester

A 20 minute audio/visual presentation, taking you on a journey visiting some of the main historic sites which make up the old town of Colchester. These incluse St. Botolph’s Priory, St. John’s Gatehouse, Roman circus and church, Roman walls and Colchester Castle, along with other familiar sights along the way.

Colchester Castle

Visit Colchester’s award winnin castle museum and discover more on the history of this geat town.

Colchester Zoo

Colchester’s award winning zoo with an array of animals all displayed in wonderful grounds and gardens. There is just so much to see and do and a great educational experience for children.

Colchester Arts Centre

Local arts venue with live music, comedy and other events. A great place for an evening out.

Colchester Firstsite Arts Centre

Enjoy art exhibitions from talented artists, films, lectures and much more. There is even a cafe which serves drinks and light refeshments.

Mercury Theatre

Colchester’s main theate showing a selection of plays and other shows featuring well known celebrities and talented local talent.

Keep Colchester Cool

Promotes Colchester’s music and arts scene. Supports venues that feature gigs, live music, specialist nights, specialist DJs, and all aspects of the Arts. Supports organisations, charities, restaurants, bars, pubs and shops that bring something unique to the town.

It All Happens in Colchester

Local Facebook page with all the latest information on all that is happening in Colchester. A great local site with updates daily from it’s members.


A great local history site showing more on the general history of this town in a fun and interesting way.

Colchester’s Caring Past

This site is all about the history of Colchester’s hospitals, featuring the doctors and surgeons who have cared for the town’s people over the past few hundred years.

Colchester 101

This is a blog site afeaturing all that is happening in Colchester. From entertainment to heritage to restaurants, if you are looking for a review then this is the site to find it. They also interview the town’s ‘movers and shakers’ as well as bands, musicians, the occasional politician, and anyone else who we think you might want to hear from. This is a terriffic site with a great deal of informative content.

A few links to other useful sites:

Essex and Suffolk Surnames

This is a local genealogy website with some local history, details from parish registers and other historical documents. These tell the stories of local families and individuals with advice on family research.