Newspaper Article 20th July 2015

Gazette Article 20-07-201Newspaper article from 20th July 2015 printed in the Colchester Gazette.

For those of you who read the Colchester Gazette, there was an article about my concerning an interesting military grave which I discovered at the former church of St. Mary at the Walls. This is the grave of Lieutenant John Andrews who died aged 97 years.

The article read:

Grave reveals soldier served for some 81 years

A historian has discovered a 198-year old grave believed to be the resting place of one of the first soldiers based at Colchester Garrison. “Grave Detective” Alice Goss found the headstone in St. Marys at the Wall Church, in Church Street Colchester. It belongs to Mr. John Andrews, who died on 3rd December 1817 aged 97.

She has discovered he served in the army and fought in five conflicts in the 18th century – the first of which was with Prince Eugene in the year 1736 and 1737. The soldier was also in combat At the Battle of Dettingen in 1743, the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745, the Battle of Culloden in 1746 and at the storming of the Morro Castle in 1762.

A part of Mr. Andrew’s tombstone reads: “Sacred to the memory of John Andrews late a lieutenant of British Cavalry who died the 3rd December 1817 aged 97 years. He served his country 81 years with fidelity”.

Ms Goss has been investigating graves for several years and is yet to find an older grave.

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