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Recent Newspaper Articles

Some of the articles which have featured in the Colchester Gazette over the past few months.

Read about some graffiti on a Colchester pub which leads back to the Red Barn Murder in Polstead.

Red barn murders Polstead

Read all about Humtp Dumpty. Is the story fact or fiction?


Read about how the the elephant has been associated with Colchester over the past 2000 years.


Are there ghosts in Colchester. Are some buildings really haunted?


THe story of the bells at Little Horkesley Church


Article about my hetitage board at St. Leonard-at-the-Hythe Church


Aviation history in Colchester with this very special C47 aircraft.

Aviation history KP208

Read about John Ball, Colchester’s connection to the Peasants Revolt of 1381.

John Ball article

Read about the urban modernisation of Balkerne Hill and the decline of a church.

Gazette 10 April 2017

Read about the origins of the Church called Christ Church and the two churches which have occupied the site sine 1904.

Colchester Gazette 3rd July 2017

Blog article which fearures the Book Centuries of Change, recently hightlighted in an article in the Gazette.

Colchester Gazette 1st sept 2017

Brightlingsea’s connection to R.M.S Titanic with first class steward Sidney Siebert.

Gazette 15 January 2018

Hidden secrets within All Saints Church in Brightlingsea

Gazette 07 May 2018

Maritime history at the Hythe. Motor Fishing Vessel 1544

Gazette 23rd July 2018

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