Research Help

BeaconCan you help me please?

There are times when I could do with some assistance from the good people of Colchester in helping to research a particular person, place or industry.

Researching does take considerable time and effort and sometimes researching a particular person can be challenging especially if they are not mentioned in the history books.

Many people are into genealogy and will have old photos and documents which might assist me in discovering more on the lives of certain people.

Do you have any information on:

  • Does anyone have any maritime stories from WW1 or WW2 relating to Colchester. In particular the Merchant Navy, Motor Fishing Vessels or the Royal Naval Patrol Service. Did they serve on MFV 1544?
  • Does anyone have any old photos of St. Peter’s Church or St. Leonard’s in Lexden. Photos from the 1930’s or earlier, either interior or exterior photos?
  • Any social stories connected with the churches in Colchester from family records in Victorian times.
  • Information on  Lieutenant T.W Wells M.C who died between 1914 -1918. He is listed on the War memorial at Eld Lane Baptist Church.

Please contact me if you can help with any with the above or have some historical information on Colchester or any person connected with the town, which you feel might be of interest.

This page will be updated regularly so please call back.

With thanks

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